8 Best Fundraising Sites for Nonprofits & Individuals Great Fundraising Ideas

GiveSendGo is also being used for more than a dozen fundraisers tied to the American “Freedom Convoy” that is scheduled to end its cross-country journey in Washington, D.C. Plenty of users were happy to tip GiveSendGo for its support of the Canadian protests, according to hundreds of comments accompanying donations to the trucker convoy. Many users said they were doubling or tripling their donations after GoFundMe blocked the campaign. The only difference is, you have some skin in the game — it costs $179 per month to be on Fundable, and they take 3.5% + $.30 of every transaction. I like the directness of this website’s name as if it’s a command and not just an explanation of what they do. Similar to GoFundMe, GoGetFunding will let you raise funds for any cause, whether personal, nonprofit or even a business.
Find a spot where there are plenty of people passing through, and not many stores to satisfy people’s cravings. While printing on demand does save you money, it also means that each shirt costs more to produce, and it also takes more time. If you’re having a shirt sale event, you can rent a screen printing machine–all you need is your design and some volunteers to get everyone at the event exactly what they need.
Fundable is best for tech startups making anything from drones and medical equipment to diagnostics software. Completed projects tend to have high dollar amounts and typically are companies that are ready to scale or deploy their products to a larger audience from various industries. In addition, there is an escrow fee of $1,000 or 35 basis points of the total amount raised, whichever is greater.
Notice that the Add the payment processing fee to each donation toggle is turned OFF. This means that your donors don’t pay the payment processing fee. Add the platform fee to each donation, but have your organization cover the payment processing fee. We collects tips or charges a fee to cover the costs of running our site, so we can provide you with the best fundraising platform possible. We’ve partnered with Stripe, which also charges a small fee for their payment processing services.
Participants can easily create a fundraising page and ask for support leading up to the competition to reach their goals. Plus, Great Fundraising Ideas can show their support throughout the event by sending individual donations to friends or family members competing in each round. At the end of the day, you want your fundraising events to meet their goals so that your nonprofit organization can function properly.