Social Security Numbers and Immigrant Visas

USCIS’ Hogan memo states that an amended petition must be filed if an L-1 employee changes from L-1A to L-1B, or is transferred from one company to another within the same organization and becomes an employee of the new organization. This includes mergers or acquisitions where the acquiring/merged company 3 is the new employer. Change of employer name does not require an amended petition, but change in ownership, because it may affect the qualifying relationship with the foreign affiliate, does require an amended petition. The L-1 applicant may take the original of the I-797 approval notice to a U.S. consulate abroad and apply for an L-1 visa. Usually, the consulate to which a visa application is made is in the intending nonimmigrant’s home country.
The firm must be engaged in a commercial trade or service operation. You are in charge of developing organizational policies and objectives and making day-to-day business decisions. Find the best real estate agent and mortgage lender with international expertise. It may takethree to four monthsfor you to receive a response from USCIS regarding your request for an L1B Visa application. The money is available to be spent on the employee and may now begin doing business in the United States.
The L-1B on the other hand, while also initially granted for a 3-year period, can only be extended for up to 5 years. While this was counted as an advantage earlier, it could easily be a disadvantage depending on your situation. If you are not currently employed with a multinational company that is large enough to have or plant an office in the U.S., then this could be a very difficult hurdle to surpass.
People read the requirements and feel they can qualify but don’t know that USCIS is incredibly backward and doesn’t understand how businesses work in the real world. Meeting those elements requires hundreds of pages in evidence. When I met Alice Antonovsky, I was looking for a qualified person to help me identify the type of visa I needed to stay in the United States permanently. She evaluated my situation very objectively and let me choose the path that seemed closer to my needs. The L1 Visa offers invaluable to the world’s largest economy, allowing foreign businesses to handpick the employees best suited to expanding their American operations.
But he still wouldn’t qualify for an L1B visa, since a restaurant meal isn’t materially different from other restaurant meals. If you are seeking an experienced immigration lawyer, tell us about your case. VisaNation Law Group’s L-1 attorneys are experts in helping employers petition as well as helping beneficiaries go through the L-1 process. We will guide you through each step and make sure that your petition has the best chance for approval by making sure that all issues and errors are addressed.
That’s all about the difference between L1A and L1B USA VISAs. Whatever I have told you is more of personal experience than reading the documents, which means they may not be as comprehensive and accurate as an immigration attorney or VISA agent will tell you. They are good for a general idea but if you need more accurate and comprehensive information, I suggest you consult a professional immigration agent or company. A Canadian citizen spouse or child who is accompanying or following to join a Canadian citizen in L-1 status must be admitted as an L-2 nonimmigrant without requiring a visa. A non-Canadian citizen spouse or child of a Canadian citizen in L-1 status must have an L-2 visa when applying for admission. Full-time services divided among affiliated companies, each using the employee on a part-time basis, however, constitute full-time employment if the aggregate time meets or exceeds the hours of a full-time position.
For each H-1B or E3 employee can add up in both time and money. Visa is finding an entity that is willing to sponsor you for the visa. If you are a qualified L-1 applicant, then you are already employed with a U.S. company that will sponsor you. When seeking to write an invitation letter for visitors, it is important to document the ability to support the visitor. Current employment should be documented by means of a letter.
If you have any questions or comments about your L-1 visa application or extension, please do not hesitate to send us an email. l1b visa are usually allowed a maximum initial stay of 3 years except for those who will open a new office, who are granted an initial stay of 1 year. Extensions may be granted in 2 year increments for a maximum of 7 years for L1A nonimmigrants and 5 years for L1B nonimmigrants. Family of L1 nonimmigrants may accompany the principal on L2 status and the spouse may apply for work authorization.
Since the individual beneficiaries of blanket petitions are not named in the petition, their eligibility for L status is not examined by DHS. Consequently, you are responsible for verifying the qualifications of applicants for L classification in blanket petition cases. You may also be required to present copies of the L-1 petition documents and proof or your employment, such as paystubs. State Department website specifically designed for people seeking U.S. visas. They may also be required to present a copy of your L-1 petition documents, their birth certificates , marriage certificate, and copies of your financial documents such as pay stubs from your current employer.
Stаff іn thіѕ саtеgоrу may bе given L1A visa fоr a period оf thrее years, whісh іѕ еxtеndаblе іn twо year іnсrеmеntѕ to a mаxіmum of ѕеvеn уеаrѕ. Golding & Golding specializes exclusively in international tax, and specifically IRS offshore disclosure. Filing a false return (IRC § 7206) and failure to file an income tax return (IRC § 7203). Willfully failing to file an FBAR and willfully filing a false FBAR are both violations that are subject to criminal penalties under 31 U.S.C. § 5322. Additional possible criminal charges include conspiracy to defraud the government with respect to claims (18 U.S.C. § 286) and conspiracy to commit offense or to defraud the United States (18 U.S.C. § 371).